Resources Science ›› 2015, Vol. 37 ›› Issue (9): 1860-1870.

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Interpretative validity research of tourism panels based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of Shanghai historic districts

PAN Zhiqiang(), LIANG Baoer()   

  1. College of Tourism,Shanghai Normal University,Shanghai 200234,China
  • Received:2015-02-04 Revised:2015-05-18 Online:2015-09-25 Published:2015-09-25


We use the example of tourism interpretative panels in Shanghai historic blocks,ranking as the most popular part in tourism interpretative system. Using a combination of factor analysis,AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process)and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation,we establish a destination interpretative validity evaluation system from the perspectives of tourists. We found that the interpretative content of panels (U1),interpretative techniques of tourism panels (U2),design of tourism panels (U3)and techniques and setup of tourism panels (U4),which make up first-class indicators in validity evaluation system of destination interpretative panel,cater for the reading and understanding of tourists;the ranking of their weighting was (in descending order):U3> U1>U2>U4. Shanghai historic districts perform well in the construction of a tourism interpretative panel systems,all of the three aspects of interpretative contents of tourism panels (U1),design of tourism panels (U3)and techniques and setup of tourism panels (U4),won positive evaluation results,satisfying tourists demand for tourism panel design,interpretive content and tourism panel setup. However,the result of factor U2 (interpretative techniques of tourism panels)received a lower evaluation score and means that more attention should be given to tourism panel techniques. This has greatly affected tourists’ deep understanding of interpretative contents,thus depress tourists’ satisfaction and willingness to revisit. Overall,Shanghai historic districts have performed well in the evaluation of interpretive validity of tourism panels,satisfying tourists’ basic requests for tourism interpretation. However,more needs to be done regarding interesting,more interpretive techniques and establishment of tourism panels.

Key words: historic district, tourism panel, interpretative validity, evaluation, Shanghai City