Resources Science ›› 2020, Vol. 42 ›› Issue (10): 1921-1931.doi: 10.18402/resci.2020.10.09

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Development of an indicator system of wetland resources based on mutidimensional comprehensive observation

QIAN Jianli1(), YANG Bin2, ZHANG He3, YANG Hanwen1(), ZHENG Linchang4, TAN Changhai2, DAI Xin5   

  1. 1. Xi’an Mineral Resources Research Center of China Geological Survey, Xi’an 710100, China
    2. Natural Resources Comprehensive Survey Command Center, China Geological Survey, Beijing 100055, China
    3. School of Marine Sciences, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Beijing 100083, China
    4. College of Economics, Hebei University, Baoding 071002, China
    5. Qinghai Academy of Social Sciences, Xining 810000, China
  • Received:2020-06-04 Revised:2020-08-11 Online:2020-10-25 Published:2020-12-25
  • Contact: YANG Hanwen;


Exploring the development of an indicator system for multidimensional comprehensive observation is of great significance for the integrated management of wetland resources, theoretical research, and related decision making. Starting from the integrated management of resources, this study expounded the characteristics and significance of three-dimensional comprehensive observation of wetland resources and analyzed the current status of wetland resources observation in China. It combined the uniqueness and complexity of wetland resources and characteristics of three-dimensional comprehensive observation, proposed the principles of development of the indicator system, and constructed an atmospheric-surface-underground indicator system of multidimensional comprehensive observation of wetland resources, which is consisted of 5 first-level indicators of climate resources, biological resources, surface water resources, soil resources, and groundwater resources, 18 second-level indicators, and 31 third-level indicators. The system aims to provide long-term, continuous, and stable observations of wetland resources in order to realize the transformation of wetland resource management from empirical to data-driven decision making, from extensive to scientific and precision development and utilization, and from the protection of single resource elements to the protection of all resources of mountains, waters, forests, croplands, and grasslands.

Key words: wetland resources, multidimensional comprehensive observation, integrated management, indicator system, principle of development, data-driven decision making