Resources Science ›› 2016, Vol. 38 ›› Issue (3): 461-475.doi: 10.18402/resci.2016.03.09

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An evaluation of Chinese marine economy efficiency based on SBM and Malmquist productivity indexes

ZHAO Lin(), ZHANG Yushuo, JIAO Xinying, WU Di, WU Dianting()   

  1. School of Geography,Beijing Normal University,Beijing 100875,China
  • Received:2015-04-13 Revised:2015-10-25 Online:2016-03-25 Published:2016-03-21


By evaluating the marine economy efficiency, we can know the development level and the input-output condition of regional marine economy and provide references for promoting the marine economy development mode toward the intensive direction. This paper is based on consideration of undesirable outputs from the SBM model and Malmquist productivity index model when,measuring marine economic efficiency values for 11 coastal provinces in China from 2001 to 2012 and analyzing dynamic changes. We found that the marine economic efficiency value of inconsideration of undesirable output was higher than the one for consideration of undesirable output;undesirable output has a significant effect on marine economic efficiency. The spatial pattern of marine economic efficiency shows that the efficiency of northern and southern China is high,and the middle area is low in the initial stage; in 2012,the spatial pattern shows three poles. Chinese marine economic efficiency showed a fluctuating upward trend from 2001 to 2012,meaning that the inefficiency is changing to an effective state,but remains low. The regional absolute and relative gap of marine economic efficiency in coastal provinces shrank and then expanded. Inter-provincial variation of marine economic efficiency varied from province to province. Eleven coastal provinces can be divided into four patterns:leveling,increasing,descending and fluctuating. Total factor productivity,technical efficiency and technological progress efficiency slowly increased. Technological advances play an important role in enhancing total factor productivity. Total factor productivities showed an ascending trend in all provinces except Guangxi,Hebei and Jiangsu. The evolution of marine economic efficiency can be divided into three stages since 2001:a declining and fluctuating stage(2001-2005),transformation stage(2005-2008))and improving stage(2008-2012). The driving mechanism in these three stages are marine resources,policy,market and technology,respectively.

Key words: marine economic efficiency, undesirable output, SBM model, Malmquist productivity index